Adam Davies is a Welsh Product Designer currently undertaking his PhD at Loughborough Design School. His approach to design is a non-linear, experimental and abstract exploration of bio- materials.  

Adam’s sense of responsibility and obligation in designing sustainable products is rooted within his upbringing in Pembrokeshire, on the coast of West Wales, within a national park. These opportunities in connecting with nature fuelled his responsibility in preserving the environment and had a significant impact on his approach to design.

His research challenges current design methods and production processes leading to a plastic society and aims to contribute to the production of biomaterials which have a negligible impact on the environment and society across the lifecycle – from extraction to manufacture, use and end of life. Natural, bio-based materials offer a tangible solution towards reducing reliance on oil-based polymers whilst reducing the global impact of waste.

This can be achieved by materials whose end of life impact is benign and negligible. The need for alternative materials is clear in current debate around plastic packaging’s negative impact on the environment, highlighting the timeliness of this research. 

Adam has also co-founded Ty Syml, a multidisciplinary design studio based in Cardiff.