I wanted to investigate if structures found throughout nature which appear to be random can actually be replicated through 2D and 3D experimentation. The aim of this investigation was to explore parallels and relationships between minimal surfaces needed to create structure and the holistic attributes between each structural form created.

This was influenced by research into forms and structures found throughout nature, particularly how bone structures are formed. This research explores physical form finding and attempts to embody the initial 2D investigation that was carried out.

The physical experiments explored quick form generation, through simplistic processes that replicated my interpretation of bone structures. Cellular bodies (water filled balloons) were left to self-organise and reveal basic patterns. The patterns that were created from this organic and natural organisation were documented further by casting the negative space between each balloon, creating a solid form that mimicked the structure in which bones develop. The apparent randomness of the cellular bodies, ended up providing integral structures that was minimal but holistic, leading to a purified structure, similar to that of bone.