As a designer I have always felt a responsibility and an obligation to design products which are sustainable and add value. The effects of our activities as designers and consumers are becoming more and more apparent. Design has become embedded into nature, for all the wrong reasons. We generate so much waste from the products we create and this waste increases every day.

The purpose of this research was to highlight the actual impact we have on environments. After spending a short amount of time on a local beach, I gathered enough plastic to re-purpose it into a functional object again. Creating a circular system in which the plastic adds a new value to somebody’s life, rather than left to harm environments.

Fundamentally the plastic we see on our coastline shouldn’t be there. Why are we using materials that go through intense manufacturing processes and take hundreds of years to break down in nature, for short life spans and single use products? As designers we need to focus on the long term impact we have on the environment, we can no longer continue creating products that have short life spans and no secondary purpose. In the future will the products we design and manufacture influence nature’s development positively? Or will it cause more environmental damage?